Fabián Arellano

A lover of advertising and short narratives, of reinventing stories and promoting ideas, of creative collaboration, and above all, of captivating the audience. Fabian builds his work from emotions, recreating moments and evoking sensations in the spectator. He is fascinated by documentary films, where he manages to recreate with great realism the daily life moments. He's always looking for projects that allow him to create imaginary and impossible worlds, where post-production becomes a narrative tool.

Follow his work in:

  • Client: EAN

    Campaign: Empodérate

    EAN // Fabián Arellano

  • Client: PAX

    Campaign: Pax Forte

    PAX // Fabián Arellano

  • Client: REDDS

    Campaign: No Tags, No Bitterness II

    REDDS // Fabián Arellano


    Campaign: Fabián Arellano

    ENAMORADOS PERO NO BOBOS // Fabián Arellano